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You can easily make some bitcoins by placing bitcoin ads from various advertising platforms on the content you own. You can turn any of your created content – a website, blog, tweet, forum post, torrent, Facebook post or similar – into cash. What is also great, most of bitcoin-related platforms respect your privacy and they make all payments anonymously using the virtual currency, which can be easily exchanged for real cash.

Bitcoin Advertising Networks

  • CoinURLrecommended option – advertising network that offers non-intrusive, high-efficient text and image contextual advertising. It is one of the oldest pay-per-click (cpc) bitcoin ad networks out there.
  • – a niche platform that allows bitcoin resource owners to buy and sell thematic traffic. They seem to be fairly selective in terms of allowing websites to join the network.
  • A-Ads – advertising network that doesn’t collect personal data. One of the first ad networks specifically in the bitcoin niche. It is pay-per-impression (cpm) ad network.
  • AdBit – bitcoin advertising network that provides bidding for publishers ad space. It works using a pay-per-day system, where people can bid against each other to get the highest impression time.
  • Adverti – bitcoin related advertising network that accepts bitcoin and usd for payment. The platform is equipped with advanced reporting tools.
  • BitTeaser – blockchain based ad network that combines advanced blockchain technology and a fresh market approach that launched in January 2015, is one venture being touted by its creators as the evolution of online marketing. The innovators behind it have high hopes that it will pave the way to the next stage of advertising. They offer 50% bonus for advertisers on first deposit.

Please note that these networks are not bitcoin faucets that pay people for viewing ads – these are truly advertising platforms. Get more info about faucets on our free bitcoin page.

If you want to advertise

The places above are especially good if you want to advertise your bitcoin-related business because ads are mostly placed in bitcoin-related sites. They accept bitcoin as a payment and with most of them you can advertise anonymously. Get targeted website visitors with these bitcoin ad networks and traffic exchanges. They are perfect for advertising bitcoin stores, exchanges, referral programs, finance blogs and other bitcoin-related products and services. Find our bitcoin ad network review below.

Our experience with advertising on bitcoin ad networks:

  • has the best targeting options, good user experience and great reports. Auction system shows you the percentage of impressions you get, depending on the bid you choose. Minimum cost per click is 0.0001. Recently they have implemented numerous algorithm changes and now you as advertiser pay for unique clicks only. You can top-up your account with credit carda and bitcoin.
  • CoinURL has the best price/performance ratio and we find it overall the best bitcoin advertising network at the moment.
  • We do not like A-Ads so much as you can not set a minimum price per click. If being anonymous as an advertiser is important to you, then choose this network.
  • Great with AdBit is that you can target your ad only to the websites you pick.
  • Adverti has good user experience and beside bitcoin they also accept fiat payments. The platform also gives you real-time stats on all your campaigns. We do not like the fact that the minimum cost per click is quite high – ad the time of writing was 0.0004. It is also not possible to be an advertiser and to run ads on your own website within the same account.
If you want to reach bitcoin related audience with advertising, you should also consider advertising on popular bitcoin places, like reddit, bitcointalk or coindesk. Most of them are outside advertising networks described above. Another network that is worth mentioning is Cointelegraph ad network that consists of 11 cryptocurrency-oriented resources.

Bitcoin cost per Action (CPA) advertising networks

If you are interested in cost per action advertising, there are a few bitcoin related networks on the market. The difference between classic advertising networks and cost per action networks is that at CPA you pay only for users that make some desired action on your website or app (like buy a product, signup etc). It is a type of advertisement when an advertiser pays only for specific, useful actions performed by the members of the target audience. With other words, you will pay only for real customers who pay real money for your product and not just for clicks and impressions. Try RunCPA and Advendor.

Here are a few hints to make money as a webmaster

  • Shorten your links – this is very useful if you use Twitter. Shorten your links and you are paid for each click on your link. These ads let you monetize links, even if you don’t own the promoted content or website. Share some stuff on Facebook and Twitter. You may try Coinurl or a new service BitShrink.
  • Put ads on your blog, website etc – these are called banner ads and are fitted for websites. These ads bring in users who are genuinely interested in the advertiser’s product. They are usually billed with the popular pay per click (ppc) system and you are also paid for clicks for hosting them.
  • Join CPA advertising networks if you have quality traffic. CPA (Cost-Per-Action) partner network allows webmasters to monetize their traffic effectively and helps advertisers to successfully promote their products and services. When a client comes to an advertiser’s website via webmaster’s referral link and performs a useful action there, the automated system records the event and the respective webmaster gets their reward. With other words, you get paid for actions and not for clicks.

Other Bitcoin Advertising Networks

For some reason, we didn’t put all of the networks on the list above. For the sake of consistency, here are a few others: CoinAdvert (cost per view bitcoin advertising network), Mellow Ads (simple bitcoin web advertising), Bee-ads (banner ad bitcoin advertising), CoinAd (bitcoin banner advertising), BlockAdz (bitcoin banner advertising) and Eadsy.


  • There is also a popular BuySellAds platform with high-quality content network. They are not bitcoin specialised, but if you want to advertise, you can select websites in cryptocurrency category. It also allows bitcoin deposits for advertiser and paypal payouts for website owner.
  • BitTeaser – blockchain based ad network was recently featured on Forbes so there might be something interesting going on.
  • Brave, a bitcoin-fueled browser is an alternative to online ads and ad blockers. It offers an alternative solution by connecting users and publishers directly by allowing users to send micropayments to their favourite websites. This system allows users to have an ad-free experience while still rewarding content creators and publishers.
  • Read more about other bitcoin making money options.

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