Buy Bitcoins With Western Union

Western Union (WU) is available at hundreds of thousands of locations around the globe. You can deposit cash with instructions from your online provider at your nearest branch and that should not be too difficult as they have more than 500.000 locations worldwide. But first, of course, you need to signup with one of the on-line exchanges to receive your exact deposit information. Usually, you get your coins within one business day after your deposit.

Buy bitcoins with Western Union at Coinmama

CoinMama has a great service. This is a fast way to get your bitcoins with Western Union deposit. Verification at the site is quick and they have a good user support too. The only problem is, that their service comes with really high price as the exchange rate for bitcoins is way above the daily rate on major bitcoin exchanges (about 10%), plus you will need to cover WU fees.

Buy Bitcoins with WU

Buy bitcoins with Western Union at LocalBitcoins recommended option

LocalBitcoins is a people-to-people bitcoin marketplace for trading bitcoins locally. After you register you need to browse sellers pages, choose a trader with a good reputation, discuss and negotiate terms and finally purchase bitcoins. The main idea is to go to the WU branch near you and fill out a deposit slip with seller’s account information. In exchange, the seller will provide bitcoin to your wallet. Some of the sellers will require ID for verification. The process of buying is much faster here than with a usual exchange. Similar, but less popular than LocalBitcoins is Paxful.

Buy bitcoins with Western Union at Cryptex24

Cryptex24 is another provider that will do Western Union to bitcoin trade. You initiate the exchange online first and you get the deposit information. After transfer sent, you need to inform them with the transfer detail. The minimum service commission is $15/1%.

Buy bitcoins with Western Union at Cryptonit

Cryptonit is a trading platform for cryptocurrencies and they have a service to deposit fiat money (such as USD and EUR) into their account. Among many deposit methods there is also the Western Union. You can buy bitcoin with deposited money then. They charge 15% for WU deposits and there is $25 minimum fee.

Other options to buy bitcoins with Western Union

You can also create an order at CoinCafe. Follow detailed instructions and deposit at a nearby Western Union branch. Upload a clear copy of the receipt. They will verify your deposit and if everything is okay, you will receive your bitcoins the same day.

You can also buy bitcoins on Bitcointalk forum. Usually there is just a few % commission and we suggest you use an escrow service within forum to avoid scams.

Related information

  • Please check also other options to buy bitcoins.
  • Similar to Western Union is MoneyPolo network. Deposits through MoneyPolo are accepted at 247exchange.
  • Coinlink is a new provider (unverified yet) with 5% fee on WU deposits and no ID verification is needed. Another one that we could not verify is – use at your own risk.
  • If you want to sell your bitcoins and withdraw them to Western Union visit Exmo.

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