How To Buy Ethereum With PayPal

Currently, no online service offers a direct way to buy Ethereum with PayPal. The good news is that buying Ethereum with PayPal is possible, but with workarounds. The bad news is that all options listed below are complicated and carry high costs.

Why you can’t buy Ethereum directly with PayPal?

You can’t instantly buy Ethereum using PayPal because it is risky for the seller, and therefore a few dealers will offer this. Major exchanges do not allow funding through PayPal at all. This is mainly due to repeated cases where someone pays for crypto-currency with PayPal, receives it, and then fraudulently complains to PayPal or their credit card company that they never received them. In most cases, PayPal sides with the fraudulent buyer, and this is understandably too risky for Ethereum sellers.

Buy Ethereum with PayPal via Bitcoin

Probably the best option to invest your PayPal money into Ethereum is to buy Bitcoin crypto-currency with PayPal first and then exchange Bitcoins to Ethereum on an exchange site.Let’s go step by step.

First, buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Option 1: P2P marketplaces
LocalBitcoins is a marketplace for trading Bitcoins locally to cash or on-line payments of your choice. Similar to them is Paxful. It is a marketplace for buying Bitcoins directly from other people.
The problem with all P2P platforms is that you will pay about 15-25% in fees.

Get ETH with Paypal

Option 2: trading site LakeBTC
Another option to buy bitcoin with PayPal is at cryptocurrency trading site LakeBTC. They support only USD PayPal payments. USD deposited to your LakeBTC account via PayPal will be available for trading immediately, but withdrawals/payments will be available a month later. Fee is unfortunately quite high for this kind of transaction and it is about 10%.

Second, exchange Bitcoin into Ethereum

Now you need to transfer your Bitcoins to an exchange service of your choice and exchange them to Ethereum (Ether). At the moment you can get Ether from several Bitcoin exchanges, we suggest as they recently launched Ether trading and even set the trade fee to 0% for Ethereum to Bitcoin trading/conversion (ETH/BTC pair). Users can also buy Ethers for USD using their regular Visa/MasterCard issued in any currency or bank account).

Buy and trade Ethereum

Other exchanges that allow you to buy Ether with Bitcoins are Kraken (forex trading and Bitcoin exchange in one service), Kucoin, Coinbase and Changelly (probably the best exchange if you want to exchange between different cryptocurrencies instantly, but there is no traditional currency support), just to name a few,


  • More ideas for buying Bitcoins with PayPal are listed here.
  • If you want to buy Ethereum with Skrill (similar service to PayPal), there is one site at the moment – BitPanda. Here you can easily buy Ethereum, Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies using Skrill payment.
  • Some users claim, that the best way to buy Ethereum with PayPal is that you simply withdraw money from your PayPal to bank account and then buy Ethereum with bank account deposit. If you have a bank account and can withdraw PayPal funds, we suggest this option. If you can’t withdraw, the best options are listed above.