Make Money With Bitcoin

How to make money with bitcoin? How to grow your business capital through cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is reshaping the finance and business worlds. Not only has it challenged conventional thinking, but it has provided new methods for entrepreneurs and business owners to start and grow their businesses. You can certainly earn some more valuable bitcoins through hard online work. There are plenty of bitcoin related money-making opportunities. How to invest in bitcoin? We give you a few ideas below. See our money-making bitcoin business ideas and choose the one that suits you best.

Top bitcoin business ideas

Bitcoin Loans

Do you already own some bitcoins? Earn interest payments by lending them out. Start lending your cryptocurrency to entrepreneurs and people who need a loan, using the bitcoin peer-to-peer lending platform for a profit. You can generate very nice returns by investing in this line of business.

Bitcoin Savings and Interest Account

Buying and holding bitcoin is a good way to make money out of bitcoins, especially in a long-term frame. Even better than that is to earn interest while you hold your bitcoin money in a wallet or the platform.

Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Gain revenue by promoting specific bitcoin-related services by informing your friends or posting links on social media. Consider publishing a blog, as when it comes to monetizing your content, there are many Bitcoin Advertising Networks and affiliate programs which payout in BTC.

earn interest on crypto

Other make money with bitcoin ideas

Day Trading Bitcoin

Day-trading bitcoin could be an interesting opportunity for you to make money, especially if you love the financial markets. You are required to buy when the currency is low and wait for the price to increase before you sell it at a higher price to generate profit. Don’t take it easy though; it is important to understand price dynamics and market trends if you want to be successful in trading.

Bitcoin Arbitrage Trading

Crypto arbitrage trading is widely acknowledged to be an exceptionally low-risk investment option. Crypto arbitrage is the process of profiting from differences in the price of a coin across different exchanges. You earn money by scanning different exchanges 24 hours a day to find arbitrage opportunities. You then buy a given cryptocurrency on the exchange with the lowest available price and then sell it where the price is the highest, making a profit on the spread.

Buy Gold With Bitcoin

So you made some bitcoins and are looking to invest them properly? Why not invest some in gold? Presently, bitcoin is in strong competition with gold as an investment platform, but there is no doubt that gold is maintaining value in the long term. Gold offers investment insurance, reduces portfolio risk, and boosts returns during weaker and bear-trend periods.

Bitcoin Mining

You can buy or rent bitcoin mining facilities and produce some coins. Mining bitcoins with hardware is getting more and more complex, and we do not recommend it for beginners. But yes, it is another bitcoin-related business idea. Another option is just to rent bitcoin cloud mining facilities, and all you have to look for is bitcoin cloud mining profitability.

Earning Bitcoins

Multiple services will offer you an opportunity to work for the cryptocurrency. A good way one can participate in the bitcoin revolution to make money is by completing microtasks for bitcoin. Look for smartphone apps that pay you in cryptocurrency for completing small tasks such as watching promotional videos, filling out surveys, and testing these apps. Browse bitcoin jobs.

Turbocharge from YouHodler is a simple but powerful tool that helps you borrow crypto to use as collateral to buy more crypto with less capital. It’s a faster, cheaper, and more efficient way than buying crypto on an exchange.

Invest In Bitcoin Companies and ICO’s

Browse investment opportunities on bitcoin crowdfunding platforms or invest directly in bitcoin funds. Evaluate ICO’s – initial coin offering is a fundraising method that trades future crypto coins for cryptocurrencies. Some of them will become the next big thing in the crypto space. Learn how to multiply your investment.

Holding Cryptocurrencies For Dividends

Beside bitcoin, there are other cryptocurrencies with different specifications. Some of them pay you regular dividends for people who hold them in their wallets (can be any wallet: online, offline, hardware, or even at the exchange), meaning they will get more of the same currency in time. It is another smart way of earning through cryptocurrencies. Some of these cryptocurrencies are Neo (NEO), Pundix (NPXS), Kucoin (KCS), and others. For an easy start, buy NEO on Binance and you will automatically get dividends in a form of GAS.

Stacking Cryptocurrencies For Dividends

Another way to earn more of the same cryptocurrency is by “stacking” them, meaning you are holding your coins in a special live wallet, hence earning new additional coins as a reward for securing the blockchain network. Some of these are Tezos (XTZ), Cardano (ADA), Polkadot (DOT), and others. Start right here. Staking allows you to receive rewards by just keeping coins and tokens in your account. By staking your coins, you let them work for you and increase your earnings while they’re sitting in your account.

BTC to Gold Exchange

Accept cryptocurrency payments

Another way that you can generate further capital is to accept payments via cryptocurrency. Compared to traditional methods like wire transfers and check payments, cryptocurrency can be a lot faster and more efficient. In addition, cryptocurrency transactions can be conducted directly between the business and the customer on the blockchain, which avoids the potential for third-party scams and external payment disputes. By accepting cryptocurrency payments, businesses can simultaneously grow their capital and streamline payment processes.

Participate in Parachain Auctions

You can earn all sorts of rewards on your crypto at Kraken. You can also make money on parachains. Parachain slot auctions take advantage of Polkadot and Kusama’s ability to give developers ways to create new crypto assets and decentralized applications (dapps) on top of its blockchain.


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earn interest on crypto