Bitcoin Hashpower Market Trading

Now let’s find the best bitcoin hashpower markets.

What are GHS or Bitcoin Mining Facilities?

Gigahash (GHS) is a unit of cloud computing dedicated to mining Bitcoin. The speed of mining is measured in hashes per second, that is the smallest amount of work done by a bitcoin miner. GHS is much more, GHS stands for gigahash per second, which is 1 billion hashes/s.

Treat GHS as a Currency

While bitcoin mining is a more or less passive way of gaining bitcoin, trading GHS allows you to be involved in the world trading processes. You can treat GHS more or less the same as any other currency or commodity – you can make a profit on GHS price difference by buying low and selling high. In this case, though, we are not speaking about currency or metal pairs, it’s about trading the speed of producing bitcoins.

Cloud mining – The Good and The Bad

The bad thing with cloud mining in general is that difficulty of mining on the bitcoin network is constantly increasing, and as a result the rate at which your cloud hash rate is mining coins for you will drop in time. At a later date, the exchange rate per GHS will be lower than the rate at you purchased.

This makes it not worthwhile to invest in GHS, in the long run, expecting that you will end up with a profit from what you have mined with the purchased hashrate. That is why you should consider trading GHS, and while you are trading them, the purchased hashrate will generate you some extra profit as it will mine bitcoins. You can call this bitcoin GHS arbitrage trading if you like.

Trade Hashing Power at Hashing24

Recently Hashing24 launched the contracts marketplace: you can put the contracts up for sale or buy them from other customers.

You can purchase lots at the auction and immediately sell them at the auction marketplace. That’s not all! Instantly split the hashing power of your contracts and place new lots for sale at the auction. You can also merge the hashing power of your contracts and place new lots for sale.

trade hashing power

Bitcoin Hashpower Market Trading at Nicehash

NiceHash is another hashpower marketplace. Take a look at current hashing power buy/sell orders and get insight into the hashing power market. Buy/sell massive hashing power for mining Bitcoin, Zcash, Ethereum and other coins.

NiceHash gives you the opportunity to rent massive hash power for a short period of time. You don’t rent from them directly, but you rent from other people connected to NiceHash.

bitcoin hashpower market at Nicehash

How to Start Trading Hashpower on Cex?


First, you need to buy some GHS and fund your account. The beautiful part is that as soon as you purchase GHS, the process of mining will start right away (if bitcoin mining is currently profitable). The good thing with bitcoin cloud mining at Cex is that you can easily and quickly sell your hashrate at the exchange at any time.

Cex is the only bitcoin crypto exchange where bitcoin hashpower market trading and mining can be done simultaneously: when you decide to sell your GHS, they will be mining bitcoins until the moment they are sold. This means your GHS will be making a profit for you till the last minute you own them. Even if you decide not to sell your GHS (for example, if there are no good opportunities on the market), you will still make bitcoins just by cloud mining them.

trade hashing power

GHS trading tools and helpers

Trading GHS requires some trading knowledge and experience in order to do the right decisions on the exchange.

You may use software to be more efficient on GHS Trading – you can use bitcoin GHS trading bots. Bitcoin GHS trading bot finds free GHS by looking for arbitrage opportunities and automatically trading them. Cryptotrader is one of them and some other classic bitcoin currency trading bots might also support GHS trading.

You can find a good and free source for technical analysis of the GHS market at Bitcoinwisdom, but be careful with numbers as they can only help you to identify market trends and not guarantee you to make profit.

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