Bitcoin Scams

Unfortunately, the bitcoin scam can happen to anyone. Fraudulent exchanges, cloud mining services, Ponzi schemes, IPO scams, just to name a few. Services listed below are proven online bitcoin scams – either we were scammed by testing their services or someone else that we know got bitcoins stolen. Do not use these services.

PayPal to bitcoins, bitcoin to PayPal

  • bcexer – bitcoin scammer that will never deliver your money to PayPal
  • bitodex and bitin – service that claims that accepts Skrill and Paypal for bitcoins, but you will never get your bitcoins (the site suggests that you send the money as a gift via PayPal and not as for goods and services, and gift transfers on PayPal cannot be disputed!)


  • – our review – they sell virtual debit cards for bitcoin; you send them money, but you will never receive a virtual card – stay away from them
  • terabox.mecloud mining company that will never give you any bitcoins or hashrate
  • bitcoin cloud servicescloud mining company that stopped paying its customers, but still accepting orders, more details here
  • bitlaunder – bitcoin scammer that will never mix and deliver your bitcoins
  • – you will enter your Paysafecard info, but will not
    receive bitcoins to your wallet
  • There have been reports of a phishing site aimed at E-Coin customers. Please use caution and do not use the site It’s a fake copy of E-coin website!
  • Phishing site aimed at Shapeshift customers. Please use caution and do not use the site It’s a fake copy of Shapeshift website!

Before using some service for the first time, we suggest that you do a check on a pages like BadBitcoin and ScamAdviser.

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