Proven Ways of Earning Bitcoins

Bitcoin has continued to gain popularity and preference from over the years. Most stakeholders in the cryptocurrency front have acknowledged the fact that this may not stop any time soon. Consequently, people are finding ways of leveraging innate opportunities. That abounds in the acquisition and use of this digital currency. Keeping cryptocurrency is truly important, considering its many profitability potentials – both for now, as well as the future. In this article, we explore the various ways of earning bitcoins online.

Work For Cryptocurrency

Did you know you can work for bitcoin?

Fortunately, as cryptocurrency acceptance and adoption continues to rise as the days go by, more avenues for earning bitcoins are beginning to open up as well. However, although some of these bitcoin earning avenues are real, intending participants should ideally consider the characteristics of each opportunity and method, before deciding on which one(s) best suits them.

Now, a lot more businesses and corporate organizations have started transacting fully in bitcoin. It means, they make and receive business payments in bitcoin, just as any other would do with the fiat currencies. Their newly adopted system also applies to workers and employees on the company’s payroll. Thus, people can now start earning bitcoins as wages or salaries, by merely joining these companies’ workforce. By the way, Blockchain is the number one skill to have this year, according to Linkedin.

There are a number of these type of organizations operating online. You could get at least a handful of bitcoin job websites where this trend has become well valid. Interestingly also, the options are varied, and there’s always an option that you’ll find fitting for your type of person and schedule. Hence, you’ll discover bitcoin jobs on various tasks such as online SEO marketing, website management and promotion, brand publicity and media campaign, article and blog writing, as well as other jobs that are available.

If you intend to work for bitcoin, then you may also start to project on the value you’ll be getting when cryptocurrencies finally reach their peak of adoption and use. Here are some of the online activities, and places where you can browse bitcoin jobs. So, how to earn bitcoin without mining?

Earning bitcoins by freelancing

Online communities

Nowadays, online freelancers have begun to explore the possibilities of offering their various skill services in exchange for bitcoin payments. There are now bitcoin job websites that are mainly known for advertising (or allowing people to advertise) jobs that reward workers in bitcoin payment.

Such websites include the subReddit platform Jobs4Bitcoins and Bitcointalk forum. Here different users advertise jobs that they need to carry out (usually cryptocurrency inclined tasks), which are then subsequently taken by other users who have met the requirements for the tasks.

Best bitcoin jobs platforms

Bitcoin job platforms act as a workplace community that connects service users and service providers, with bitcoin serving as the means of payments. Let’s check the most active freelance platforms that pay with cryptocurrencies.

  • Crypto Jobs List – a board to find and post blockchain-related jobs. Crypto experts like decentralized software specialists, blockchain engineers and solidity devs – this is for you.
  • Cryptogrind – the easy and secure way to find freelance opportunities that pay in bitcoin. It uses a built-in escrow service to ensure successful payments.
  • Coinalityrecommended option – a free service connecting employers and job seekers with opportunities that pay in digital currencies. Premier provider of jobs and talent to the digital currency marketplace.
  • XBTFreelancer – the cryptocurrency based platform connects the employer to their prospective freelance employees. The payment is held until the job is complete.
  • CryptoJobs – employers use this platform to find qualified candidates for different tasks, on full-time or part-time bases.

Jobs range from full-time to one-time and negotiations are handled independently between the two parties. Different skilled persons such as software developers, graphics designers, writers, marketing professionals etcetera are employed to carry out tasks, for which they are paid solely in bitcoin.

Work For BTC

Everyday micro-task jobs for earning bitcoins

A lot of online companies are beginning to employ internet users to carry out their marketing and publicity requirements for them. Usually, the tasks are quite simple and straightforward, and you’ll be earning some bitcoin on completion of each.

However, the job descriptions usually differ and depending on the activities peculiar to the website of interest. You may find a series of assignments that you can do. Some of which you can conveniently carry out on your leisure spare time, without any real requirements involved. Some companies or bitcoin job websites may require participants to post prepared advert notes and graphics on online channels and forums. Others may expect that you instead read the adverts and published articles, for small satoshi rewards. Some people also earn bitcoins by participating in online games, watching videos and inviting friends.

The payments for this type of jobs are usually small per task. But the participant can still be sure of gathering some satoshis after some time of dedicated activity and efforts. Examples of websites that offer these opportunities include and, amongst others.

Coinbucks Platform

Bitcoin mining activities

Mining continues to remain one of the most employed routes to earning bitcoins. All stakeholders on the bitcoin network are allowed in participate in mining activities. There they join several other users in competing for allocated rewards on block completion and validation. Anybody can take part in this process since he or she has the starting requirements and can sustain the process. Bitcoin mining can be reasonably rewarding if the participant can make use of the adequate required implements.

To boost the chances of earning substantially, the user must have purchased the mining hardware (ASIC miner). Besides that, one must have a stable internet and electricity connections. However, these requirements require a lot of money, and the small-scale bitcoin user and investor, may not find this venture worthy of such price.

Alternatively, they may also participate in group (or pool) mining, where investors gather their several little resources to form a more efficient bulk. There are bitcoin cloud mining companies, that synergies investors funds to provide the requirements for optimized bitcoin mining. Consequently, profits are issued out to the participating investors, based on their agreed percentage ratios.

Earning bitcoins by accepting them as a means of payment
a lot more businesses and corporate organizations have started transacting fully in bitcoin

Why you should hold and use bitcoin

Investments in the cryptocurrency industry have grown substantially. Earning bitcoins as wages or salaries provides the earner a futuristic advantage which may turn out huge. The bitcoin community of users and investors is expanding rapidly. All this would ultimately have its effects on the coin supply and demands, especially in a few years to come. Note that the price of bitcoin depends on the forces of supply and demand (and vice versa). It will probably gain much more value in the future.

If bitcoin publicity and popularity is able to maintain a high incline, then we can only expect more bitcoin earning opportunities in the near future. The number of opportunities that subsequently comes up can also be a good indicator in estimating how much progress the cryptocurrency is making on the overall.

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