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Bitcoin debit card gives you the option to convert bitcoins to cash which you can withdraw at ATM or use it for shopping. Bitcoin debit card is connecting the virtual and real world. By bringing together a widely accepted traditional form of payment in the online and offline space, and bitcoin, a new digital currency, the debit card comes to life. In the world of bitcoin, these cards are known as bitcoin debit cards, because that is what they are: a debit card is sent to you by a company that lets you fund your card balance with bitcoin.

Please see our bitcoin debit card review below for more information about various card providers. There are many bitcoin-funded debit cards, and most of them are available internationally without geographical limits on residency or spending. Using a debit card is by far the easiest and fastest way to cash out bitcoins. You can access your bitcoins whenever you need them, without having to convert precise quantities.


Get a Cryptopay debit card to use bitcoins for online and offline purchases. It seems that Cryptopay is mostly suitable for european and UK users, although you can choose between EUR, USD and GBP debit card.

They offer a full-blown VISA debit card that you can instantly top up from your online account, loading is instantaneous, and a 1% load fee applies. It is accepted anywhere where VISA is accepted and can also be used for ATM withdrawals. Plastic cards cost 15 EUR/USD/GBP. They also offer some security against bitcoin price fluctuations, using Cryptopay Flex Accounts. You can also transfer funds from your Cryptopay debit card back to your Cryptopay account (not everyone offers this!). There is a flat fee of 1% + 0.10 for transaction processing.

What you may not like is that they charge 1 EUR/USD/GBP monthly fee. Unverified users can use the card till they reach overall 100 EUR/USD/GBP limit. The card ships worldwide except to India, the United States, and Algeria.

bitcoin debit card


We do not like user experience of Uquid platform, but their card got quite a lot of positive reviews in the bitcoin community, especially because it has low top-up fees, meaning that you get the most USD/EUR/GBP on your debit card for your precious bitcoins. You can choose between virtual (1$) or plastic (16.99$) debit Visa card and you can spend up to $250 with no identification required.

Wirexrecommended option

Wirex, a UK-based company, has launched a virtual and physical bitcoin debit card that works where VISA is accepted. Their bitcoin debit card is available right now for a very small fee.

Update [2017-09-08]: Early-bird registration now open for the new contactless card from wirex, available anywhere in the world..

They offer plenty debit-card versions and options. You can order plastic or virtual debit cards for fiat and crypto funds. Cards are nominated in USD, EUR or GBP. All it takes is a valid email address and basic personal information to sign up. Once you request your debit card, it will be sent to your home address.

Funding your Wirex debit card can be done through the website, and there is a fee of 2% when withdrawing your bitcoin balance to your bitcoin debit card. It now also accepts BitGo instant service so that users can fund their bitcoin cards instantly without a need to wait for three confirmations when sending bitcoins to Wirex wallet from other exchanges and companies.

You can buy this card with PayPal, with other credit or debit card, with bank transfer, with alternative payment methods (like PaysafeCard or Qiwi) or with bitcoin. The virtual card costs just 3$, and plastic cards start from 17$. The only pitfall with this debit card is that is not available to residents of the United States.

Get 25% discount on all available cards if you register with this link.

You may use your card anonymously till you reach a limit. At most providers, you can obtain a card without verification and use it for a maximum of US$250. Once that limit has been reached, you must verify your identity (with a scan of your ID or passport and proof of address) or order a new card. Previously, this limit was 2500, but since June 26, 2017, 4th Money Laundering Directive for Prepaid Cards apply, and all European credit-card providers must respect this limit.


SpectroCoin offers bitcoin prepaid cards, which can be used at any ATM around the globe or shops as an ordinary payment card. Has low fees!

spectrocoin debit card


Xapo is incorporated in Hong Kong and based in USA. In addition to bitcoin debit cards it also provides multisig wallets and bitcoin cold storage. This card is not available world-wide, there are a lot of unsupported countries, including residents of US and India.

There is a one-time issuance fee that is charged to your wallet in bitcoin when you submit the card order. You will receive a personalized card delivered to your home, as well as instructions to activate the card and receive the PIN for use at ATMs. There is a 12$ annual fee ($0 fee for your first year) as a card holder!

What we like about this card is that all purchases are debited directly in bitcoin from your Xapo wallet, seamlessly and in real-time. Meaning that you don’t need to load the card, so spending your bitcoins is fast and easy.


Advanced Cash offers a prepaid Mastercard shipping worldwide (excluding US and Pakistan). Cards are issued in Gibraltar and both – virtual and physical – cards are available. This card is not specifically designed for bitcoin, but among several other deposit methods allows bitcoin funding. You can create a virtual card for just $1 or order a plastic MasterCard for as low as $4.99.

advanced cash bitcoin card

You do not have to get your account verified to get a plastic card right away. Order your card after you create your account, but as everywhere, the card will have a cumulative limit of $2,500 that consists of $1,000 total ATM withdrawals and $1,500 worth of purchases. You need to verify your account to enable higher limits.

The fine print: Currently there is no bitcoin deposit fee, but all bitcoin is converted to USD with BitPay’s lower exchange rate (5% fees) when you fund it, so you may suffer from the volatile exchange rate.

Shift Card

Shift has launched a cryptocurrency debit card that behaves just like a regular Visa debit card and is connected to user’s Coinbase account.

It is the first US-issued bitcoin debit card that currently allows Coinbase users in 32 states in the U.S. to spend bitcoin online and offline at over 38 million merchants worldwide. Thanks to Shift Payments, it’s now possible to use bitcoin to buy groceries, gas and much more. With the Shift Card, you can now spend bitcoin anywhere in the world that Visa is accepted.

To the average person, bitcoin debit card may appear no different from a traditional debit card. But to the growing community of people that view bitcoin as an attractive store of value, spending bitcoin anywhere Visa or Mastercard is accepted, represents a major step towards a more efficient global economy.


ANXPRO is bitcoin trading and exchange platform based in Hong Kong. They offer bitcoin debit card named ANX Premium.

This card automatically links to your ANX account so that you can conveniently fund your debit card for everyday use. ANX issues cards to customers who have verified their account (as usual, they want a scan of a government issued ID and a utility bill for address). It is part of a global payment network with over 25 million merchants. You can make purchases at any of these merchants or withdraw cash on their ATM network worldwide (the ANX Premium card is a rechargeable MasterCard debit card). What we like is that with your ANX account you can check your card balance and account information on the web or through your mobile phone. This card also has speed loading enabled and does not charge any monthly fees.


Bitwala, a service allowing bill payment with bitcoin in the EU, has just introduced their bitcoin debit card service. There are two kinds of card: virtual for the price of 5 EUR or physical which costs 10 EUR. The fee for card loading is low: 0.5% of the amount, with a 1 EUR minimum. Bitwala user support is far above any other bitcoin card provider we tried, and we tried many.


WageCan bitcoin debit card details: it is nominated in USD, does not have any annual, top-up and bitcoin transfer fees. They make money on a bitcoin exchange rate when you top-up your account. Bitcoin debit card can be used at any retail, merchant, point-of-sale, terminal and ATM with the MasterCard acceptance mark. To get this card, you need to upload ID card or passport scan and utility bill scan. Their debit card is available worldwide including the US.

This provider is the most mysterious of all on the list, and we did not try their credit card service yet (but we do have money in the wallet, and for now they seem to be okay). Since they pay daily interest based on their earnings from “arbitrage between bitcoin exchanges and other low-risk bitcoin funds investments” you should be a bit cautious as bitcoin arbitrage funds are often built like ponzi schemes.

Other providers

  • The Coinsbank is now shipping a bitcoin Visa to all verified customers. They are shipping to the US too.
  • Bitstamp, one of the biggest trading platforms to buy and sell bitcoins, has a debit card too. The debit card was launched through a partnership with the European and Latin American payment processor AstroPay.
  • The UK based DSX exchange is now offering a debit card in partnership with ePayments.
  • Denmark based CCEDK brings instant bitcoin-to-fiat spending with bitcoin debit card that is called NanoCard.
  • The digital currency market XMLGold offers prepaid Mastercard that you can use to make purchases online, in-store and over the phone at over 30 million worldwide merchant locations.
  • Coinomat debit card costs 15.99 EUR / 19.99 USD with no monthly fees. Card loading is instant and cost to load is the Coinomat exchange rate plus 3 EUR/USD. The card is issued by a UK bank and ships to all countries except US.
    In order to apply for the card you have to fill in your financial profile for AML monitoring, you must have your mobile phone number verified and e-mail confirmed, plus you have to upload all sorts of documents for a verification.
  • Goldmoney also has a prepaid MasterCard. It works like this: you can buy gold with bitcoin and with gold you can fund your prepaid card.
  • The Rock trading exchange offers debit card to their verified customers.
  • Bitpay have unveiled their prepaid debit card which is available in USA in over 50 States. The card allows you to deposit bitcoin that is automatically converted to a fixed value of USD and loaded onto the card.
  • Shake offers a bitcoin debit card with no foreign transaction fees, less fraud, and mobile tap & pay. Plastic cards are not available to ship to US addresses.
  • XMLGold offers prepaid Visa card with no arranged overdraft facility or credit line available, so you only spend what you have loaded onto the card.

Withdraw bitcoins to your existing debit card

You can also withdraw bitcoins to debit card you already have. I mean that you convert bitcoin online to dollars or euros and the funds are available to spend with a card that you are most likely already holding in your wallet.

  • Experience instant withdrawals of your USD, EUR, and RUB funds directly to Visa or MasterCard at This new feature will enable you to gain convenient access to your fiat funds right away. Once payment card is linked to your profile, you can deposit and withdraw funds in just a few clicks. The service is called instant cashout and gives you an opportunity to withdraw up to $10,000 to your Visa or MasterCard from your wallet. They offer low withdrawal fees, from just $3.80 per transaction, regardless of the amount.
  • Coinomat is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to fund your present MasterCard, Visa or China Union Pay card using bitcoin. All you have to do is open an account and fund your account with bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. You can then use any of those coins to send funds to a card you already own. The withdrawal to your card takes 2-4 business days and is carried out in US dollars. Your bank will convert it to the currency of your card by using its exchange rates if your card is not denominated in US dollars. You can transfer up to $2499 to one card per week.
  • International bitcoin brokerage 247exchange has added credit and debit cards as a withdrawal method. Once the transaction has been confirmed, the funds should reach your card in approximately 1-3 days.
  • Once you exchange bitcoin to USD you can withdraw money to debit MasterCard at Coinlink.
  • Once you verify your account at Exmo, you can exchange bitcoins and withdraw usd/eur money to your credit/debit card. Fee: 1% + 7 USD.
  • Loaddebitcard launches a new service that can load any debit card with a Visa or MasterCard logo you have in your pocket! We haven’t tried them yet, so use them at your own risk!


From the news

  • Uquid users: Your Visa Prepaid Card, which is registered to an address outside of the European territory, will remain open for use until 15 October, 2017 11:59 PM GMT. After this time, your card will be closed and you will no longer be able to use it [2017-09-27, via email].
  • Xapo Announces Position on Segwit2x Hard Fork. Today, Xapo made an announcement to inform their customers, stating that Xapo customers won’t have to do anything in order to get the new forked coins in their wallets. [2017-10-12, source].

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    Slight clarification about E-Coin card (am using it). The virtual card is definitely available for US citizens. The plastic card can’t be delivered here.

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  4. Been using the WageCan card for a few months now. Card works flawlessly. High limits and very good support system. Highly recommended.

  5. I got experiences with all top 5 bitcoin debit card and i do recommend UQUID card if you are looking for best rate of bitcoin deposit and multi card on same account. they also have option for many other altcoins which help you direct deposit into their system and do not need exchange to bitcoin.

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