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Gold has been an unrivaled store of wealth for many years and while more people seek the security of gold than ever before, buying gold with bitcoin has never been easier than today. Pair together the ease and convenience of digital payments with the integrity and stability of gold. Since there have been comparisons between bitcoin and other more traditional commodities, it is quite inevitable to see the emergence of services offering to buy gold with bitcoins.

Goldmoneyrecommended option

Goldmoney‘s platform is great and we recommend this federally chartered Canadian corporation. Within a few minutes, you can create a secure, free vault account with access to purchase and hold gold. All holdings on the Goldmoney platform are backed by fully-allocated, fully-insured, and redeemable gold. Deposits into accounts can be done with bitcoin online or in ATMs internationally. Gold purchases, redemptions, invoicing has 1% fee of the official spot price. The standard option is to own gold virtually, but at anytime you have the option to redeem your balance to physical gold. Bitcoin deposits can only be made to the Dubai vault.

Besides buying gold they also offer recurring savings plan. You can personalize your savings plan to match your budget, schedule, and financial goals. Choose how much you’d like to vault away each period and fund it with bitcoin.

It is also a payment platform. User-friendly features allow users to send and receive gold payments with other users. You also have access to traditional retail spending with bitcoin funded prepaid debit card.


As opposed to Goldmoney, a Dutch company Bitgild is more focused on european customers and physical gold purchases with bitcoin, like coins and bars.

If your delivery address is within the EU processing of your order normally takes 3-5 working days after which it will be shipped. For orders within the EU, they do not require identification for most orders (however, buying extreme quantities will require your identification). The prices on the website are based on the Bitpay exchange rates.

Veldt Gold

Veldt Gold is an online retailer of various precious metals – beside gold you can also buy silver, platinum and few others. They only sell tangible physical investment-grade gold with options to pay with bitcoin, wire or check (the fastest way to receive your gold is to pay with bitcoin – this way you do not have to wait for a wire or check to clear). You can buy gold coins and gold bars. Your gold products will be delivered to you directly via mail within a few days of ordering. They are well-known throughout the online bitcoin community as a reputable gold dealer.

What makes them unique, Veldt Gold makes it easy to get bitcoin for gold and silver! This means providing their customers with both sides of the trade. They will buy any of your gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion items for bitcoin at a better price than you will get at the local coin shop.

Money Metals Exchange

Money Metals Exchange is one of the fastest growing precious metals dealers in the United States and it gets good reviews from bitcoin and other users. This gold dealer is not bitcoin specialised, but among other payment options allows bitcoin payments via Coinbase or BitPay.

They offer a wide variety of gold, silver, and some other precious metal products at some of the lowest premiums in the industry. They provide good service with speedy delivery (all orders are shipped within 48 hours after the customer’s payment clears).


Vaultoro is a UK-based platform, offering a real-time bitcoin gold exchange platform to users from all over the world. Exchanging bitcoin for gold and back eliminates any form of volatility for bitcoin users.

If you’d like to own some gold that is stored in Switzerland, buy it at Vaultoro. Your gold will physically be stored in Zürcher Freilager, in one of the world’s largest and most secure gold storage facilities (but it will cost you – they have 0.033% storage fee per month). Every user is able to verify his or her gold holdings through proof-of-reserve, as well as proof-of-audit, conducted by third-party auditors. This is also a trading platform where you can directly trade gold and bitcoin – bank independent!


A well-known bitcoin mining operator Eobot has now added an option to buy gold with bitcoin directly. They claim that they are the only place where you can buy gold bullion with bitcoin, ethereum, or just use your mining power to transfer it to gold directly! They can ship anywhere, worldwide.


  • Bitstamp, one of the biggest bitcoin trading platforms, is now offering a new method of withdrawing funds in the form of physical gold to their EU clients.
  • Some market data, our beliefs and recent developments indicate that bitcoin is increasingly being perceived as a new safe-haven asset, to which investors can resort in times of crisis. In short, it is a genuine competitor to gold. The big difference is the thousand-year track record of gold against just a few years of bitcoin.
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