Buy Bitcoin with ACH Bank Transfer

If you own US bank account with online banking access (Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Chase etc.), you may want to buy bitcoins with direct ACH payment. Buying bitcoin with ACH transfer usually comes with lower fees as opposed to credit card. It also allows you to buy bitcoin online in larger quantities than with other methods. The ACH Network is a batch processing system in which financial institutions accumulate transactions throughout the day for later batch processing. That is why the process takes a bit longer than if you by bitcoins with credit card which is usually instantly. It is also possible to buy bitcoins with ACH even if you are not a US citizen, you just have to own an us-based account. The companies listed below let you buy bitcoin using ACH bank transfers.

Buy bitcoins with ACH Bank Transfer at Coinbaserecommended option

Coinbase is one of the best bitcoin wallets and probably the world’s largest bitcoin broker. It allows users to purchase bitcoin by directly transferring money from a bank account and this is a standard option. In the United States linking a bank account can be done using instant account verification (by providing your online bank account credentials). The exchange also supports secure credit and debit cards to purchase bitcoins instantly. If you buy more than $100 worth of bitcoin through this link, you’ll get $10 of free bitcoin. Coinbase charges a flat 1% fee on all transactions and you’ll have to wait five days to receive your coins.

Supported banks at Coinbase

Buy bitcoins with ACH Bank Transfer at Uphold

Uphold is a full financial platform for moving, converting, transacting and holding any form of money or commodity. If you own US-based bank account, you can add funds to your Uphold account using ACH bank transfer and then convert it to bitcoin. Beside bitcoin, you can also buy gold and all sorts of digital currencies here. Before you begin with ACH deposit, please make sure you are a verified member (in most cases, verification is complete within minutes). Uphold does not charge any fees when funded from your bank account. However, you will pay a conversion fee – from USD to bitcoin – 0.75%. The problem with Uphold is that you need to deposit USD first and then wait for 5 days your money to arrive in your account, and in the meantime, bitcoin price can change.

Buy bitcoins with ACH Bank Transfer at Gemini

Gemini is a bitcoin exchange based in New York City and operating in the United States. It serves both individual and institutional clients. You can fund your exchange account via ACH transfer or alternatively with a wire transfer. Currently available in 26 U.S. states only. They do not charge fees for any ACH payments (both deposits and withdrawals) and that is incredible. ACH transfers will take at least five (5) business days to become available in your account (but could take longer). Available if you have US bank account and address.

Buy bitcoins with ACH Bank Transfer at Celery

Celery is another bitcoin broker and serves the U.S. and Canada. The website has great usability and all the verification and buying process is done very nice. You can buy bitcoin with a connected bank account via ACH transfer. Celery charges a fee of 10% (they were our favorite exchange until they raised their fees). It takes 5 business days for banks to clear transactions. At that time, your transaction will be completed on your Celery account and your balances will be updated.


  • Please check also other options to buy bitcoins with bank account.
  • ACH stands for Automated Clearing House. This network allows moving money and information from one bank account to another through direct deposits and payments. Currently supports more than 90% of the total value of all electronic payments in the U.S. As such, the ACH Network is now one of the largest, safest and most reliable payment systems in the world, creating value and enabling innovation for all participants. See Wikipedia for more info.
  • Some of the current direct financial institution members of ACH are: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, Merrill Lynch, Capital One, Silicon Valley Bank, Citibank and others.
  • If you are an exchange or some other bitcoin service that would like to integrate ACH direct payment into your business, Dwolla has a white-label solution for this. Your customers simply select their bank, log in with their bank credentials, link the bank account they’d like to use and they are on their way to quick and easy payments inside your application.

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